Serve at the Gathering

Gatherings are hosted by our serving groups.

Serving Group Schedule

Serving Group Contact Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5
Rochester North Heather Gardner Feb 13 Apr 24 Jul 10 Sep 25 Dec 11
Royal Oak Tim Crisan Feb 27 May 8 Jul 24 Oct 9
Troy & Madison Heights Plant Andrew Ellison Mar 13 May 22 Aug 14 Oct 23
Rochester South & Livonia/Plymouth Keegan Griffith Mar 27 Jun 12 Aug 28 Nov 13
Garden City/Plymouth & Milford Dave Pop Apr 10 Jun 26 Sep 11 Nov 27

Serving Roles

Before The Gathering
1+ Adult

Welcome & Connect

Arrive – 9:45 am

  1. Watch for visitors and new faces
    • Welcome people as they enter
    • Look for people standing alone
    • Initiate conversations
      • Ask if they have a connection to anyone at Soma
      • Introduce adults to an elder or MC leader
  2. Help parents check their kids in using the iPad
    • Raise flag if troubleshooting is required
1+ Adult


Arrive – by 9:20 am

Gathering Setup
  1. Setup (2) tables for coffee and bagels
    • Table cloths
    • Sugar/sweetener
    • Small trash bin
    • Cream
    • Space for Coffee & Bagels
  2. Setup Communion Supplies
    • Small Bowl for Grape Juice
    • 2 Plates of Crackers/Bread
    • Gluten Free Option w/ label
    • 2 Stacks of Napkins
  3. Setup Kids Check-in Table
    • iPad
    • Printer
    • Giving
  4. Setup table decorations
  5. Setup additional chairs if necessary
  6. Setup flag (outside near entrance)
Kids Setup
  1. Take Kids Bins (Toy bin & Supplies) down the hall to the 0-5’s Room
  2. Fill Pitcher of water for Kids and bring down the hall
  3. Arrange the Room for Kids Min
During The Gathering
1 Adult or Teenager


Arrive – 9:45 am

  1. Verify operation of slides and TV
  2. Consult with Worship Leader about any special requirements
  3. Advance slides during worship and gathering presentation Play Soma bumper video – requires users to click on the PLAY icon button in the middle of the slide
1 Certified Female + 1 Certified Adult

Childcare for 2 yrs – Kindergarten

Arrive – by 9:45 am

  1. Confirm your teammates Requirements: 1 Certified Female + 1 Certified Adult
  2. Review the lesson (find in the kid’s room)
  3. Parents will bring children around 10:30 am
2 Certified Adults + 1-2 Support

Childcare for 1st – 5th

Arrive – by 9:45 am

  1. Confirm your teammates Requirements: 1 Certified Female + 1 Certified Adult
  2. Review the lesson (find in the kid’s room)
  3. Gather children after worship
After The Gathering
1+ Adult


  1. Dispose of communion cups
  2. Breakdown & stack food tables
  3. Return additional chairs (if necessary)
  4. Break down flag and store

Provide Feedback

Let’s improve this process for the next Serving Group.

  1. We know there is room for improvement, but we need your feedback.
  2. Please email ideas to [email protected]

Speaking Roles

Call To Worship

Goal: To inspire and exhort our church to fully engage in today’s corporate worship.

  • Please plan to spend 1-3 minutes to direct people’s focus on God in preparation for corporate worship.
  • Read a Psalm or passage of scripture that calls the church to worship
  • Review one of Soma Detroit’s Worship Memes:
  • Worship is not for you it’s for God
  • We seek to worship God with zeal and contemplation


Goal: To highlight of one of the Soma Detroit distinctives.

  • Please select one of the slides and plan to speak 1-3 minutes either defining the distinctive or sharing how this distinctive has impacted you recently.


Goal: To highlight Standard & Special announcements