Serve The Gathering

Volunteer for gathering responsibilities.


What needs to be done for each role and when?

Audio/Visual Team


  • Arrive by 8:45 to begin setup
  • Run Board during rehearsal
  • Prepare speaker with preferred mic
  • Manage Background Music


  • Arrive at 9:30 to verify operation of slides and TV
  • Use Lyrics and Order information in Planning Center to prepare slides for the Gathering
  • Manage changes to slides needed before gathering
  • Run slides during gathering
Setup & Supplies Team


  • Arrive by 9:45am
  • Function as greeter
    • Keep an eye out for guests and folks who are new to Soma
    • Initiate conversations and connections with regular Soma Attenders/MC Leaders
  • Keep an eye on Kids Check-in iPad and assist with Check-in
    • Raise flag if troubleshooting is required

Morning Setup

  • Arrive by 9:15am
  • Setup (2) rectangle tables for food service
    • Table cloths
    • Sugar/sweetener
    • Small trash bin
    • Cream
    • Space for Coffee & Bagels
  • Setup Communion Table
    • Small Bowl for Grape Juice
    • 2 Plates of Crackers/Bread
    • Gluten Free Option w/ label
    • 2 Stacks of Napkins
  • Setup Table Decorations
  • Setup Additional Chairs if necessary
  • Setup Flag Outside

Kids Setup

  • Take Kids Bins (Toy bin & Supplies) down the hall to the 0-5’s Room
  • Fill Pitcher of water for Kids and bring down the hall
  • Arrange the Room for Kids Min


  • Arrive by 9:55am
  • Bring (40) Water bottles
Gathering Roles

Gathering Director

  • Think through and provide vision for “flow” of that day’s Gathering
  • Facilitate Pre-Gathering Meeting with all people serving in Gathering Roles

Communion Lead

  • Provide instruction to guests on how Soma does Communion
  • Lead the church through communion weaving in the message


  • Communicate Soma Distinctives (reference attached 1-pager)
  • Giving – If you would like to give to Soma Detroit visit
  • Setup and Facilitate Story time
  • Special announcements as necessary


  • Prepare and Deliver Message during the Gathering

Volunteer Signup Sheet

We use Planning Center Services to manage Gathering responsibilities. Please sign in to your Planning Center account to volunteer or view assigned responsibilities. 

Planning Center Services app is available for iPhone and Android.