Covenant Commitment

Soma Detroit is a church committed to following the ways of Jesus in metro Detroit. As a church, we collectively recognize and live out our shared identity as a family of servant missionaries. We are a spiritual family, having been adopted by God the Father. We are servants, as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, came to serve and give His life. We are sent by the Holy Spirit as missionaries to display and declare the good news of God’s redemption through Jesus in our immediate communities, region, and to the ends of the earth. Our collective goal is to experience gospel saturation within our local community and region, so that every man, woman, and child would experience every day encounters with the good news of Jesus in word and deed. We believe that salvation and redemption through Jesus is all-encompassing, and therefore affects all areas of our lives. We are committed to a lifestyle of consistent listening to God through prayer and listening to the Spirit’s leading (forward listening) and through interacting with scripture (backward listening). We also listen for the ways in which others’ stories intersect with the greater story of God’s redemption as we eat, celebrate, bless, and recreate.

Grace-Effort MatrixA commitment to the mission of Soma Detroit carries with it a commitment to regular community practices. These are not rigid rules to be followed. Rather, these regular practices are spiritual disciplines and means of grace that are used by God as a healthy expression of the body of Christ to facilitate growth into maturity. These spiritual disciplines are opportunities to live out our identity in Jesus and partner with God as He works in us and through us. We say ‘we get to’ because these are beautiful opportunities to regularly live by and practice.

Though these regular rhythms of life represent commitments of time, energy, and thought, the day-to-day practices should not continually feel burdensome or overbearing. Rather, these regular rhythms are means by which we listen to God and are filled to overflowing with His eternal life. We approach these disciplines not as solitary individuals, but as a community, and these spiritual disciplines should not be wielded as a weapon of legalism against one another, but rather as a graceful extension of God’s Kingdom. As our flesh and our culture fight us on living in the Ways of Jesus, we acknowledge there will be times that these rhythms may feel like burdens or obligations; during these times of doubt, we are committed to supporting one another into further growth and grace.

As we embark on this journey together, we will often fail to measure up to this way of life, and that’s ok. As disciples of Jesus, we are committed to continual learning to follow Jesus, so we count it as an abundant joy to learn His rhythms of grace as we mature and grow in the ways of God’s kingdom. Our maturity comes through time and obedience to the calling and commands of Jesus. Our commitment is to be faithful to the life that God has called us to together. As we are faithful, with enough time we will be fruitful! We believe this concept is illustrated in the ‘Grace-Effort Matrix’, shown above; our goal as a community is to be fruitful and productive.

As we covenant together, we see four pillars of a grace-filled lifestyle: GO, GROW, GATHER, and GIVE. Please note that these are general practices, and the specifics of mission will be fleshed out in each MC’s Covenant Community Commitment.


Primary Space: Missional Community

  1. To participate as an integral part of a Missional Community – committed to seeing it’s growth and health, including serving and leading when called upon to do so.
  2. To be a “Friend of Sinners” developing relationships with those that do not yet know His love, in order for them to see (display) and hear (declare) the good news of Jesus.


Primary Space: DNA groups (Discover, Nurture, Act)

  1. Have a healthy growing relationship with Jesus characterized by a consistent devotional and learning life, including an acknowledgement of your default idols/sins and how to apply the gospel to them.
  2. Participating in a DNA group where there are opportunities for a discipling relationship characterized by encouragement and growth. Accountability will be used as spiritual partnership and NOT as spiritual policing.


Primary Space: Weekend Gatherings, Events and Retreats

We gather together as a family of MCs for times of gospel equipping, celebration and communion as the larger local Soma Detroit body.


Stewardship and Generosity: Lordship of Jesus over all of life

Offering of first fruits in each aspect of our lives (Time, Talent, and Treasure; also modeled by The Five Capitals – Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Intellectual and Financial) to God and His Kingdom for the sake of seeing Jesus Movement happen in our neighborhoods, networks, and Metro Detroit through the local church. These offerings of first fruits are not to be seen as earning salvation or self-justification, but rather an act of gratitude as we submit all of our lives to God through following Jesus.

Additional Principles:

  1. Talk to each other, not about each other. Being family can be messy. We will have moments where we disagree, argue, offend, and potentially hurt each other. We desire to protect the unity of our body from the sin of gossip by talking to each other and not about each other. Not every conversation about each other is wrong, but we recognize the temptation to take conversations to an unhealthy place, especially when we are hurt. A commitment to our community is a commitment to repent and ask forgiveness in any instances where we hurt one another with our words.
  2. Respecting the leadership of the local body and elders. God gave us the local church as a spiritual family with Jesus as the head. As a community, we look to Jesus as our ultimate authority and high priest. As we covenant together, we submit to the spiritual discipline of the elders as they submit to Jesus, to one another, to Soma National, and to the accountability board.
  3. Living in accord with the Soma Distinctives. Soma Detroit is part of the larger body of the Soma Family of churches ( As we have partnered with Soma to launch Soma Detroit, we look to them for leadership. We also submit to the Servant Leadership Team of the Soma network if needed. The goal here is to follow Jesus as individuals and as a community; through our partnership with Soma, we can draw on a deeper collective pool of wisdom as we continue on the journey of following Jesus in metro Detroit. (see Soma Distinctives)
  4. Living in accord with the Soma Detroit Statement of Faith. We adhere to the authority of God’s Word, with a deep respect for church history, church tradition and the Body of Christ. (Statement of Faith is available upon request)

Covenant Commitment:

Having been born again, baptized, and actively following Jesus, and in agreement with Soma’s Statement of Faith, Distinctives, strategy of mission (Go, Gather, Grow, Give) and structure (MCs, DNAs, Gather), I now feel led by the Holy Spirit to join the Soma Detroit church family. In doing so, I commit myself to God and to the other covenant members to daily submission of my life to the person and gospel of Christ, aiming to pursue holiness under the authority of the Word, the direction of church leadership and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.