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What is your MC hearing from God? 

“Kairos Moments” & the “Learning Circle”

Chronos means sequential time.  Kairos means an event or an opportunity.  

A “Kairos Moment” (denoted by the “X”) is when the eternal God breaks into our circumstances with an event to lead and teach us experientially into the revelation of His Son and the reality of His Kingdom through faith.   

The “Learning Circle” is a process by which we can learn from these experiences through a process of repentance and belief.  It shows us: 

  • what it means to live a lifestyle of learning as a disciple of Christ; 
  • how to recognize important events as opportunities for growth; 
  • and how to process these events.

Kairos Moments can be: positive or negative; recognized by the impact they leave on you; signal opportunities to grow. Describe the details of the event, the surrounding circumstances and related background to every moment you believe may be a kairos moment.
Honestly observe your reactions, emotions and thoughts to this event. In prayer, reflect on what the Lord is revealing to you through His Word because of this event. Confess everything the Lord is convicting you regarding unbelief. Describe your observations, reflections and confessions.
In prayer, obediently act in faith by first identifying the changes/adjustments needed to align your life to the Word of God and the revelation of His Son. Describe the changes/adjustments you will make in your life by faith.
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