Ukrainian Relief Fund

DateContact InfoEmailAmount
January 30, 2023Mike Ely[email protected]$700.00
December 25, 2022Verna Lee Hutton-Ely[email protected]$500.00
December 9, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$55.69
November 24, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$39.13
November 13, 2022Ken Bresser[email protected]$3,000.00
November 11, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$55.90
November 7, 2022Brenden Jones[email protected]$500.00
November 2, 2022Steven Pierik[email protected]$5,000.00
November 2, 2022Jerek and Lauren Petrous[email protected]$5,000.00
October 31, 2022Dan Cure[email protected]$120.00
October 31, 2022Stephen Gardner[email protected]$620.00
October 31, 2022Joan Easterbrook[email protected]$50.00
October 31, 2022Kathy Larkin[email protected]$50.00
October 28, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$111.80
October 25, 2022Mike Ely[email protected]$1,000.00
October 25, 2022Andrew Martin[email protected]$500.00
October 24, 2022Samuel Raetchi[email protected]$4,500.00
October 24, 2022Kevin Jones[email protected]$1,500.00
October 24, 2022Kevin Roach[email protected]$1,013.00
October 24, 2022Corey Lake[email protected]$400.00
October 24, 2022Dana Pop[email protected]$5,000.00
October 23, 2022Edward Tomlinson[email protected]$4,500.00
October 23, 2022David Sofran[email protected]$250.00
September 30, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$36.21
July 15, 2022Andrew Ellison[email protected]$400.00
July 10, 2022Scott Armstrong[email protected]$100.00
July 9, 2022Brenden Jones[email protected]$500.00
July 8, 2022Verna Lee Hutton-Ely[email protected]$2,500.00
July 8, 2022Daniel Raetchi[email protected]$2,600.00
July 8, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$80.98
July 1, 2022Mike Ely[email protected]$1,000.00
July 1, 2022Karen Boniface[email protected]$500.00
July 1, 2022Amy Ellison[email protected]$175.00
June 29, 2022Steven Perry[email protected]$150.00
June 28, 2022Samuel Raetchi[email protected]$2,500.00
June 28, 2022Robert Bryant[email protected]$1,000.00
June 27, 2022Mario Andone[email protected]$500.00
June 26, 2022Dora Cappone[email protected]$250.00
June 25, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$101.22
June 24, 2022Dean Herzoff[email protected]$50.00
June 10, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$55.67
May 30, 2022Chris Lambert[email protected]$1,000.00
May 27, 2022Carla and Tim Crisan[email protected]$528.84
May 13, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$61.49
May 5, 2022David Stenberg[email protected]$1,000.00
April 29, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$55.67
April 15, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$61.49
April 3, 2022Irina andone[email protected]$300.00
April 1, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$55.90
March 31, 2022Irina andone[email protected]$300.00
March 30, 2022Irina andone[email protected]$300.00
March 25, 2022Claudia Ellison[email protected]$50.00
March 19, 2022Alexander Tourtillott[email protected]$61.49
March 17, 2022Mike Ely[email protected]$1,000.00
March 17, 2022Danuel Raetchi[email protected]$1,100.00
March 15, 2022Kathryn Morris[email protected]$46.00
March 15, 2022Kiera Morris[email protected]$58.00
March 15, 2022Jeremy Morris[email protected]$300.00
March 13, 2022Mario Andone[email protected]$200.00
March 11, 2022Mike Ely[email protected]$1,000.00
March 8, 2022Thom Foy & Verna Lee Hutton-Ely Ely[email protected]$500.00
March 8, 2022Nate & Amy Kimball[email protected]$100.00
March 7, 2022Dana Pop[email protected]$2,000.00
March 7, 2022Keegan Griffith[email protected]$100.00
March 7, 2022Mike Ely[email protected]$1,000.00
March 7, 2022Dana Pop[email protected]$2,000.00